System applications include: Automated assembly lines, Automated Inspection, Pick and Place Systems, Pressure & Leak Testing Systems, Package and labeling systems, Dial Systems, Conveyor Systems, Vision guided robotics, Vision inspection, Assembly systems, Year model change modifications, Machinery retro fits & integration, Rebuilds & Referbs, Custom work cells, Robotic weld cells, Fixturing, Tooling and Precision Machined Parts.
Our Mission:
 To design, build and support, automated systems that increase quality, productivity, and profitability for our customers. Our goal is to create better work environment's for your employees while improving our prospects and to enrich the lives of employees at Integral Automation through education, research, creative expression, and community and business partnerships.
Robotic Dispensing System
Vision guided Robot's
Pecision Machining
Custom Machines.
PLC Programming

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